New album "California Dreams" is OUT NOW!

07 June 2024

Razvan Mitroi, the renowned artist known for his captivating blend of dance and tropical house music, is excited to release his second album, "California Dreams”.

"California Dreams" captures the essence of a sun-soaked coastal drive with a loved one, offering 12 tracks that embody the joy and freedom of summer. This album follows Razvan Mitroi’s successful debut album, pushing the boundaries to deliver a bigger and even more vibrant musical experience.

The album includes five pre-released tracks that have already captivated fans, as well as seven brand new songs that are sure to become summer anthems. Each track is meticulously crafted to blend danceable rhythms with the tropical vibes that fans have come to love from Razvan Mitroi. "California Dreams" promises to be the perfect soundtrack for summer adventures, spontaneous road trips, and lazy days by the beach. Fans and new listeners alike will be drawn to its infectious energy and feel-good vibes.

Listen to "California Dreams":